Study Material

Subject and Topic wise Booklets (Sheets)

Sheet is topic wise multi exercise booklet, designed according to the syllabus of JEE, AIPMT, containing different types of conceptual, tricky & brain storming questions including previous ten years IIT-JEE questions, covering all the possible arena of the problems which may be asked in forth coming exams.

Board Work-Sheets & Booklets

To develop writing skills as required in board exams.

Question Banks :

For adequate practice in each subject, topic wise question banks are distributed to students which help them in gaining confidence & command on individual topics.

  • Hand books of Physics, Chemistry and Maths containing all important formulae and concepts are provided for a faster revision.
  • Topic wise previous ten years CBSE question bank and their solutions
  • Topic wise previous ten years JEE question bank and their solutions
  • Topic wise previous ten years AIPMT question bank and their solutions
  • NCERT important questions and their solutions
  • Unit Test
  • Intelligent test

For better familiarization with JEE examination and continuous practice, Periodic Tests are conducted to evaluate students performance and to develop their capabilities to respond promptly to all types of questions, to improve speed and to identify weak areas.

Student Mentorship Programme

Faculties are nominated as mentor for each batch to provide academic guidance, personal care and motivation to students to get their best academic output.