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Study in Singapore

Singapore is emerging fast as an educational hub and overwhelming tourist destination from the last decade. With a variety of government and private run universities, it has become a favorable choice for students to study abroad. Shiksha Institute assists students to avail Students Visa for Singapore.

The Education system in Singapore is very progressive and also offers high-probability of employment within the country. The education system in Singapore includes:

Institute of Technical Education (ITE)
There are various ITE which offer technical education in the field of Electronics, Media, Business and Applied Sciences. This level of education helps to get jobs in industries based on technical skills.

The polytechnics in Singapore offers more job oriented courses where the graduates are ready to pursue jobs after completion. Students can apply for degree and diploma from different polytechnics in Singapore.

In Singapore, students can apply for high-level courses from different universities. There are various public and private universities, which also offer satellite courses for students.

Why should one study in Singapore?

Singapore is now a popular destination for students who want to avail courses like the design, animation, game development, animation, music etc. There are a number of institutes which offer technical education and jobs in the same field. Some of the major advantages for students while studying in Singapore.

  • Best technical education with in-house internships for students.
  • English based courses which make it easy for International students.
  • Living expenses and the tuition fee is less than in other countries.
  • Students can easily avail scholarships.
  • Safe environment for the students.
  • High job security.

Apply for Tourist Visa:

There can be multiple reasons for travelers to visit different countries across the globe. Some like to explore new places, some want to meet friends or relatives and most of them go for proper medical treatments. Canada, Australia or the US, are the most preferred tourist destinations among all. They all have different criteria and formalities for tourists and business executives. Those who are planning to apply tourist visa for the US may check the below-given information.

United States of America popularly known as the US, is highly popular a tourist destination among the visitors. This country has a huge variety of tourist destinations which attracts tourists worldwide. Getting the US tourist Visa is quite difficult these days, but Shiksha Institute can assist you with all the necessities in getting the same. For travelers, who are willing to visit the US must have a visitors visa (B-2) for vacations, traveling, meeting families or medical treatments. There are other visa types like business visa (B-1) or the tourists can apply for the Visa Waiver program as well.

For every visa type, there are special requirements to be fulfilled by the visitor and followed by an interview.

  • A valid passport
  • Non-Immigration Visa application
  • Purpose of the trip.
  • Ability to pay the expenses of the trip.

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