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The Foundation courses are for students from standards 7th to 10th. All courses are 1-Year Classroom Contact Programs. Once a student joins our Institute, he doesn’t need to go anywhere for Math and Science tuition as his complete school preparation and competitive preparation is taken care of by dedicated team of Shiksha. This batch is to prepare the student for a concept-based learning approach essential for various national level Olympiads like NSO, IMO, NSTSE and to lay a strong foundation in order to attain the long term goal of excellence in exams like NTSE, IIT/AIIMS. There is a vast gap in the nature and the level of the study for competitive exams in comparison to school studies. The philosophy of this batch is to bridge the gap by easing the child to the higher level in a slow and steady manner.

Targetted Exams

  1. NTSE
  2. Junior Foundation
  3. Olympiads
  4. Boards

These programs starts when the student is in standards 7th and 8th, respectively and go on till he/she completes standard 12th. These programs are targeted to prepare students for school as well as competitive examinations like NTSE, NSO, JSO, etc., along with laying a strong foundation for future competitive examinations.

Course Details


April – February (11 months)


6 days a week


Tests on school and competition pattern on alternate Sundays

Benefits of being a part of these Program:

A comprehensive and well researched study package for every which would comprise of:

  1. Prevents the student from being distracted by TV and computer
  2. Inculcates a habit of self study
  3. Stimulates mental growth through rigorous practice of reasoning and aptitude questions
  4. Provides easy ways to learn Science, Mathematics, English and enhance general knowledge
  5. Inculcates numerical solving ability
  6. Eliminates the Exam phobia.
  7. Bridge the GAP between pre 10th and post 10th

Course Coverage:

  1. Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Mathematics of CBSE/ICSE syllabus
  2. Mental aptitude, the essential component of all major competitive exams in India
  3. Advanced concepts & problem solving techniques required for competitive exams
  4. Orientation towards concept building rather than cramming
  5. Exposure to multiple patterns of questions like Multiple Choice, Comprehension based, Matrix matching etc.
  6. Preparation for Olympiads like NSO,IMO,NSTSE and NSEJS
  7. Foundation for higher classes
  8. English speaking and personality grooming classes