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Study in Canada

Canada indeed is a land of opportunities for students, who wish to study and settle in a foreign land. Compiled with world-class colleges and universities, it offers various undergraduate and postgraduate programs for students. Other points of attractions are its welcoming environment, job-oriented courses, and resident friendly government. Canada tops the charts with the highest standards of living, better opportunities, and warm people. However, its very difficult to select among the top colleges and universities in Canada and this is how a professional overseas consultant like Shiksha Institute helps you. This institute is now the leading Canada Student Visa Consultant in Punjab. Every student has different demands with respect to the college selection and course applied. The Canadian Education system avails different option like undergraduate programs, graduate programs, diploma courses etc.

Undergraduate Programs

The Undergraduate programs have a limited number of seats, thus increasing the competition for the students. The essential requirement to get admission is the high school grades with language proficiency in English or French (For Francophone areas). The students can apply for the general program and switch to the major field later on. This option is very beneficial for the students in getting admitted to these courses. Major subjects for the undergraduate programs are Business, Natural Sciences, Arts and Social Sciences. These subjects have many subcategories which provide unlimited options for students to choose from.

Graduate Programs

Students can apply for the graduate programs which is a further mandate for the postgraduate courses. These courses basically involve research upon a specific subject but there is no such strict rule that without a degree the student is unfit for the postgraduate programs. But one should have the necessary knowledge and skills for that course. A mentor is there to evaluate and assist students in the postgraduate programs and he will properly supervise the project.

International students & professionals

One of the major requirements for the International students and professionals is that they have to submit an essay with a personal statement. The content should be focused on how they think they are suitable for that particular program. And it also includes their relevant work experience to date. Other points of consideration are the extracurricular activities, reference letters, and proof of the relevant skills.

Mature students

If the student is mature or older than the 25 years in age or has been out of the school for more than 2 years, then the admission criteria may vary and highly depends upon their theoretical or practical skills which one have acquired from the employment and personal interests.

Professional Programs

Students, who want to enroll for the professional programs must require a previous degree before applying for the programs like Law, Medicine or Engineering. There will be an accreditation of the certificates and academic records following with a national level examination, which proves that the student fits professionally.

International Diploma Students

Students with a prior high school diploma from their home country will be considered valid in Canada. But the course should be government accredited and which allows students to apply for the further courses in Canadian Universities.

Language Requirements

Students must clear the language proficiency test which is necessary to get admission to Universities and colleges in Canada. TOEFL (Test for English as a Foreign Language) is the basic requirement for American Universities. IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is the necessary requirement for the Canadian Universities. Most of the universities accept both these tests as a proof of English Language proficiency.

Tourists Visa In Canada?

Despite an educational hub for national and international students, Canada is also known as a popular tourist destination. Shiksha Institute, fulfill your dreams to visit Canada by assisting with the tourist visas. There are two types of tourist Visas for Canada. Single Entry Visa This type of visa allows the visitor to travel to Canada for just once. The Visa expires after he/she leaves Canada. Multiple Entry Visa This type of Visa allows the visitor to travel multiple times in Canada. The validity of this type of Visa can go till 10 years. To apply Tourists Visa for Canada, the visitor should fulfill the following basic needs:

  • A valid passport
  • Good health condition
  • Medical Examination report of the visitor
  • No Criminal records
  • Income tax returns
  • Sound financial resources to fulfill the expenditures.